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Reviews are in for Pinchgut Opera's Production of Charpentier's 'Medee".

  • "Adrian Tamburini as the Corinthian king, Creon, provides a richly polished bass-baritone sound of authoritative definition, fracturing to distraction in his mad scene with phantoms in Act 4" - Peter McCallum @sydneymorningherald

  • "Adrian Tamburini is perfectly cast as Créon, with his authoritative bass-baritone voice" - Shamistha de Soysa @limelightartsau

  • "Deep and molten, bass-baritone Adrian Tamburini brings requisite commanding strength and sly intimidation to Créon, King of Corinth" - Paul Selar (Aust Arts Review)

  • "Creon is sung by Adrian Tamburini, whose bass voice is simply glorious" - Nicholas Routley @australianstage

  • "Adrian Tamburini is a standout as the authoritarian King of Corinth. His commanding bass-baritone stretches through all the colours of the conniving monarch, blooming into a deep and thunderous tunnel of bass in his early threats to Médée, and rising to a taut, nasal whine as he realises – too late – that she has beaten him at his own game. Tamburini is also a charismatic physical presence, swaggering in his fur-trimmed suit and dropping his jaw in histrionic shock at Médée’s impudence. With such rich vocals on display, hearing Carby, Petruccelli and Tamburini on the same stage is a bit like the operatic version of a motor enthusiast walking into a garage full of purring luxury cars." - Chantel Nguyen @satpaper

  • "Adrian Tamburini conveys the authority and arrogance of the King by relying on his rich bass-baritone, crisp diction and good acting." - Daniela Kaleva @theconversationau

  • "Bass baritone Adrian Tamburini was magnificent as the king both vocally and theatrically." - Steve Mofatt @dailytelegraph

  • Créon was powerfully sung by bass Adrian Tamburini, with a well-delivered “Noires divinités” - Sandra Bowdler @bachtrack



The Cast is Announced for

The Spare Room
by Helen Garner
A New Opera by
Jane Hammond and Theresa Borg 

Helen - Natalie Jones
Nicola - Antoinette Halloran
Leo/Dr Tuckey and other - Adrian Tamburini
Bessie/Helen II - Charlotte Goode
Helen's Sisters and other - Carrie Barr
Helen's Mother and others - Belinda Paterson
Coady Greene - Pianist 
Leah Scholes - Percussion
Ken Murray - Guitar


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